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The Fort before the Temple

There it was. Finally. Looming against the skies of soft grey mists and sudden sunshine. With eyes wide shut, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Awesomeness? Living history? After having seen so many intricate temples and ancient carvings throughout Asia, awesomeness came in small doses. Living history seemed to be all around me in Nepal, […]

Beyond the Bend

There are mornings when the mist lifts and another rhythm  sets in. Life is noisy, busy, almost frantic. In Katmandu I was surprised by the constant crying of crows. When I asked a Nepali why crows were so welcomed and tolerated in the city, his reply was the crying of crows made people happy: it […]

My World of Rice, Hills and Time

Welcome to my world, you who live in haste and blindness. Welcome to my world, you who have no time to see nor taste. Welcome to my world, you who do not listen to the rice on the slope and the goats on the hill. Welcome to my world, where one has time to speak, […]