Tea, Sex and Temples

Just as when one spends time with another and their character is slowly revealed, locations, places and landscapes slowly unravel  themselves.  As mists come and go, the hills unfold before me, each day another revelation, another loose thread that I try knotting to a string of stories. Not that the revelations necessarily imply clarity. This […]

The Girl in Red who Wondered

I’ve heard the elders of the tribe talk by the fire at night. When they whisper as they drink their strong tea, that is when I most want to listen to their words and nods of agreement. I know now. I know how other tribes look down on us and call us names. But…how would […]

Whose Human Rights?

How far is my home? Where are my hills? Who will take me home? I cannot breathe here. I cannot live here any longer. There is no rain, no soft breeze. My body is bruised, my face cut, my honour taken. This is not what I was told. I close my eyes and think of […]