The Girl in Red who Wondered

I’ve heard the elders of the tribe talk by the fire at night. When they whisper as they drink their strong tea, that is when I most want to listen to their words and nods of agreement. I know now. I know how other tribes look down on us and call us names. But…how would […]

What the Mists Reveal

For days we travelled through misty hills, winding rivers below us. Whenever skies cleared, surprising features were revealed. A village on the other side of the river,  their roofs in purple, nesting between a hanging bridge and steps engraved into the landscape. Not a sign of a motor vehicle, let alone any industry other than […]

The Wealth of Western Hills

Roads winding, unwinding, winding upwards, unveiling stories and legends. Each bend brings a new chapter, a new challenge and unspoken realities. Few Napalese come to these hills.  The far West lies on the edge of imagination and  the myths of a primitive world which they do not wish to return to. Distances are furthered by […]

Faces behind the Mists

Mists often engulfed us along the roads. If another vehicle (a truck or bus) happened to come towards us on the other side of the road, I closed my eyes. Or kept them wide open in disbelief of these drivers careful steering. At times we saw the remainders of what had been vehicles, before they […]

Unfolding the Western Hills

The hills of Western Nepal are dotted with villages, each hosting a majority of a clan and ethnic group. Nevertheless, with migration, it is not simple to trace villages and populations, for they blend together in different towns and villages, adding to the social complexity which is Nepal. Villages are scattered throughout the hills, rice […]

Yes, We Have Wi-Fi

Another morning, another road. This time we were bound for Pokhara; a two day stop to catch up with write ups and organizing data. I looked forward to connecting online again, replying to emails and dipping into my regular online habits. Too immersed in the country-side around me, little did I realize then that habits […]

Highways and Byways in the Mist

                                                                                        Discovering a new country is a challenge. Challenges lie in seeing […]