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Yes, We Have Wi-Fi

Another morning, another road. This time we were bound for Pokhara; a two day stop to catch up with write ups and organizing data. I looked forward to connecting online again, replying to emails and dipping into my regular online habits.

Too immersed in the country-side around me, little did I realize then that habits too need to change and adapt.

Rain and shine accompanied the drive, as the road opened up to daily scenes and huddled houses along the winding, narrow tar. This was more than a mere main road – it was a weaving of temples, people, animals, commerce and private lives, all breathing to the same rhythms.

In my eyes these rural scenes were calming, soothing almost – here was a world where rushing did not make sense, where time lay still.

Here too was a world where lyrical words about rural life made no sense in face of the burnt brows of those in the fields. Agricultural revolutions still had to take place, outlooks to land and productivity needed to be altered for better incomes.  However, such revolutions need time and meaning. There was no apparent hunger here but equally, a clear  lack of change for improved agricultural returns.

Habits and cultural practices take time to change.
So does the  understanding the offer of Wi-fi.
Other than learning what lay between Gorkha and Pokhara, Pokhara was meant to be 48 hours of rest and catch up time. Catching up with writing, emails and online work. Known of its lake and the Annapurna range, Pokhara only displayed its lake – the Annapura neatly tucked away behind the monsoon clouds.  An old Magyar village, close to Pokhara, was also off limits to us – the fragile road had turned into a river. The hotel we had chosen so carefully for its offer of Wi-Fi…..
Yes,  there is Wi-Fi. But only tomorrow.
Yes, there is Wi-Fi. You need the new password.
Tomorrow never brought Wi-Fi and as for the password? It probably is still being set up.

Time, habits and cultural practices all take time to  change.

One comment on “Yes, We Have Wi-Fi

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