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Highways and Byways in the Mist

Discovering a new country is a challenge. Challenges lie in seeing what is real and not assumed, listening to voices and not only to echoes of books and publications, understanding what is there, beyond the mist. 

Nestled between giants, Nepal is no different. Perhaps because of it’s rich history with  interweaving of ethnic groups, travellers who come, stay and leave,  seeing what takes places behind the mists becomes even more of a challenge to a new comer’s eyes.

Entering further and deeper into the country, following winding roads with mist, comparing highways and byways, became a daily routine.  I question but no clear answer is echoed back. Not yet. As with most other characteristics of Nepal, answers come at their time.

Every winding curve brought me closer to understanding – or so I thought.

The truth is that every bend invited more questioning,  closer seeing and not merely looking. Would I be able to unravel these mists and hills? Would I really be able to see what lay behind these bends?


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